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    Snap Cure In-line System

    S-3000 Clean Automatic Snap Cure

    SYNCRITE Clean Cure Oven Features:

    1. 8 kinds of the process data can be memorized.
    2. No leads nor islands contact on heat blocks during being processed.
    3. Wide magazine shelves make you long no man operation.
    4. Tremendous reduction of the lead time can be achieved.
    5. IC chips and lead frames are free from contamination.
    6. Copper lead frames can be processed without coloration
    7. Temperature profile is precisely controlled for the reaction of silver epoxy paste.
    8. SECS communication system is provided. (Option)
    9. Data setting and logging are available by a personal computer. (Option)











    Clean Nitrogen gas Down Flow


    Specification of SC-3000

    Lead Fram:

    Width 20-70mm
    Length 20-250mm
    Thickness 0.1-0.25mm

    Magazine Size:

    Width 30-76mm
    Length 125-260mm
    Height 100-150mm

    Temperature Setting:  

    Room Temperature - 500 ?/SUP>C
    (Guaranteed value: 400 ?/SUP>C)
    Minimum setting temperature: 1 ?/SUP>C

    Indexing Time:

    6.0?/SUP>99.9 sec
    Minimum setting time: 0.1 sec

    Nitrogen supply:

    Max. 60 l/min for non-flame torches
    Max. 30 l/min for cool purging


    Power AC200V /3 Phases /50,60Hz
    Power consumption max 6KVa (2.5Kva at steady state)


    Width 700mm
    Height 1,300mm
    Depth 1,200mm

    Lead Frame Pass Line:

    Height 1,010mm
    Depth 515mm


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