Product List
  • STW Leadframe
  • SICO Wafer
  • WONCOSA Solder Ball
  • WONCOSA Jedec Tray
  • ITI Diamond Blade
  • Crystal
  • Plasma Machine
  • WONCOSA X -Ray Machine
  • WONCOSA Tester
  • SMT Plasment Machine

  • Esesa Reel To-Reel Selectiven Plating Equipment
  • Suntec Trim & Form System
  • Mystaire Air Pollution Control System
  • Greatech Dicing Handler

  • Thermatech Reflow System
  • Security
  • Aircraft

    RV Tec Wireless Solution Provider


    Phicom distribution division is one of leading service provider of Semiconductor, Surface Mount, Smart Card, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Cellular Phone and IT industry's equipment and material, a value adder partner of your business.

    Phicom provide a team of expertise specialize in manufacturing & engineering consultant to support your business.

    Phicom offices are located in California , Singapore , Hong Kong and other Cities.

    Woncosa , a subsidiary of Phicom, manufacture superior machinery and materials to enhance competitiveness and cost effective to meet total customer satisfaction.

    Woncosa JEDEC Tray, Woncosa Non-destructive X-Ray Machine, Woncosa Lead Fatigue Machine and other machine and material for Semiconductor, Electronics, PCB, Surface Mount Assembly industries.

    Phicom offer total solution and satisfaction to the customer, and continuous to improvement.




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