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    The microelectronic semiconductor industry, with its frequent innovations, often presents challenges to the performance of vapor scrubbing products and other environmental protection equipment. Semiconductor tool exhaust can contain both the process feed gases and newly formed gases or particulates. Many of the newly formed gases are highly reactive and will hydrolyze upon contact with water vapor forming solids and acid gases. A very common example follows.

    Chamber clean:
    C2F6 + SiO2 >>>> HF + SiF4 + (CO, CO2, COF2)  In process chamber
    SiF4 + H2O >>>> SiO2(s) + HF  In Scrubber

    MYSTAIRE?/SUP> scrubbers successfully remove corrosive and hazardous vapors, fumes, particulates, and odors under the most stringent requirements. Our systems utilize a unique inlet chamber-the Nitrogen Shielded Inlet-to prevent plugging at the system inlet-a common problem with other wet scrubbers. In addition, our scrubbers have both venturis and packed sections to ensure thorough, efficient removal of both gases and particulates. You need both stages to fully clean the gas stream. Systems are available for both point-of-use (POU) and Central/House scrubbing applications. Our Capabilities and Technologies ensure successful Contaminant removal in all Typical Applications.

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    XGC XGC One of the most popular point-of-use (POU) scrubbers on the market. Compact, rugged design makes it the perfect complement to any R & D or low throughput wafer production facility. N2 inlet shield prevents water backstreaming to vacuum pump, keeps inlet clear.
    MTS MTS POU, multistage scrubber designed for semiconductor full-scale production facilities typically located as close to the process tool as possible, often in the sub-fab or cleanroom chase. Handles all water- soluble effluents from the process tool.
    MVS-07510X POU scrubber specifically designed for the removal of gases from wafer cleaning stations.
    Eductor Venturi PC Eductor Venturi PC Combination of two scrubbing techniques. Eductor venturi section removes particulates, quenches hot gas streams, performs preliminary gas scrubbing and acts as a wet fan. The packed column (PC) stage removes the balance of the gas phase contaminants.
    HS Series
    Benchtop POU, benchtop scrubbers often used in laboratories or other low-flow applications where space is at a premium. Small footprint makes them ideal for acid digestion procedures and low flow reactor exhaust.
    MVS Packed column scrubbers intended for gas removal only. Most common type in the industry. Also referred to as countercurrent scrubbers since the gas and liquid flows are counter to each other.
    MHS Crossflow scrubbers recommended for applications where the contaminants are gases only. Excellent for applications with limited height.

    Contaminants MYSTAIRE?/SUP> Scrubbers will successfully remove:

    • WF6
    • HF
    • HCI
    • TiO2
      --- and many more
    • BF3
    • HBr
    • SiF4
    • SiCl4
    • BCI3
    • SiO2
    • TEOS
    • NH3
    • B2H6
    • SiHCl3
    • H2SO4
    • SiH4

    Typical Applications:
    • Process Tool Exhaust : CVD, Poly, Dielectric,
    • Etch Applications : RIE, Deep Trench
    • Burn Box Exhaust
    • Wet Bench Exhaust
    • House Scrubbing
    • Chemical Vapor Exhaust
    • Gas Cabinet Purges
    • Wafer Cleaning Station Exhaust
    • Emergency Release
    • VMBs

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